Contributing of emerging young generation in creating modern era fast food franchise


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Undoubtedly Indian fast foodservice market is poised for immense growth. One out of four people consumed ready to available foods. India is among leading countries where number of fast food items is prepared with great acclaim. Continuous changing lifestyle and demographics are playing huge role to make India a land of opportunities. Certain underlying factors are responsible for gradually increasing food and drinks industry. To put it another way, fast food giants operate across the world enjoy good position as more and more people favour fast food items. Why young generation is focusing by food franchise operators

Today’s youth age group 20 to 35 have developed different priorities. For example, they want to experience innovative things whatever it may foods, drinks, apparels, travel and daily routine activities. Moreover, new emerging fast food operators are concentrating more on young ones because in India half of population probably counted below 35 years age. At present Indian youth studying in colleges show great interest in ready to eat foods. Wherever you go like malls, multiplex, food zones, airports, railway stations, etc. burgers, pizzas and other fast food items are easily available. Companies have identified Indians love for varieties of foods. A number of restaurant chains have maintained popularity in the country over the past few years. India’s economic slowdown didn’t have great impact on food industry because people are focusing more on quality items not on money. The future of Indian food franchise sector is largely depending on young generation preference. Foreign direct investment enables foreign entities to invest in India, at present government has given 100% FDI in some industrial sectors. Organised market is expected to grow at 20% during 2016-20. Market is growing as fast as new players should take advantage of money-spinning opportunities exists in India. Increasing consumer market is good for Indian economy in coming years.