Why ‘Food Franchise India’ concept is widely accepted by consumers


burger franchise

Food Franchise India concept was implemented to bring traditional cuisines into organized format. Indian fast foodservice sector has shown impressive growth rate expanded at 12 % annually. Few interesting facts about fast food franchise in India:

  • Due to changing lifestyle and consumption pattern, fast food market hit US $ 28 billion by 2019
  • Major portion is unorganized but it is projected that entry of new professional players consistently contribute hugely to make organized market.
  • Quick service restaurants are increasing rapidly at rate of 18 % annually
  • Fast casual dining have gained immense growth in past 10 years and is estimated to growth at 26 % in coming years
  • Tradition fast food items like golgappa, idli, vada pav, chaat, etc. are consumed heavily. New players are entering in fast food market in professional way to transform the way people see street foods.

To add more, market of burgers, pizzas, Chinese and Italian foods has gained fabulous growth, burgers are one of the top fast food cuisines consumed over the past decade all over the world. food franchise India program is based on creating optimal dines out experience through quality and fresh food services. The program is initiated by Box-o-burger by origin an Indian brand concentrated mainly on traditional burgers and pizza offering. Individuals who are food freak are crazy to do innovative things. For example, burger franchise running across the country is mainly driven by young population; they are spending more than half of money on foods and apparels and also in buying adventurous tours. Food franchise India is a new way to inspire youth of the country towards building healthy nation, encouraging passionate youngsters to transform fast food industry through innovative ideas or concepts. At present Box-o-burger single-handedly revolutionised whole fast food market by offering special variety Indian burgers with great acclaim. It is one of the best franchises to invest and to generate good revenue.